courageously kind conscious living

Meditation, movement, and community from the comfort of your home or office.

Our vision is to inspire courageously kind conscious living.

At mindfully being well, we aim to radically change the way we interact with ourselves, each other, and the planet through mindful awareness, connection, and action.   


Through our online classes, workshops, and newsletters, we offer accessible wellness practices that increase mind and body awareness and community connection. Our goal is to empower members to live life consciously, radically kind and on purpose, while creating a community that models acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity for a more just world.

Our values:

~Courage; it takes courage to be kind and we intend to cause a kindness revolution.

~Challenge status quo; we are consciously provocative.

~Accessible; we are accessible in practice, location, and price.

~Connection; to us, community means unity, which is why 15% of membership fees are reallocated to Black and Indigenous-led organizations each month. We are grateful to have reallocated over $1,800 since our community started in January 2020. 

~Acceptance; we pledge to radical accept and love all beings, ourselves included, and the planet

Are you ready to develop your wellness practices from the comfort of your home with a community that truly cares?

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meet our team

Brit Fehr, Founder,
Senior Meditation & Yoga Guide

brit fehr.PNG

I am so very happy to welcome you to the mindfully being well community, your virtual meditation + wellness studio. We are based out of Vancouver, BC, but accessible anywhere in the world via the world-wide-web!

A little about me: In addition to my studies in psychology and human development as a masters-level student of counselling psychology, I am a certified meditation teacher, registered yoga teacher, and a certified leadership coach. More importantly, I am a human, and like you, I’ve experienced suffering. My experience with pain and suffering is complex, not unlike what I’m sure you’ve experienced. Meditation, yoga (philosophy and asanas), positive psychology, and goal setting have been just a few of the tools that have helped me feel better in my own skin and quiet the inner critic (that’s putting it nicely) that lives inside my head. For years I struggled with worthiness. I never felt good enough to offer something to the world, even though my deepest passion was to be of service. Things began to shift seven years ago, when I started to live more intentionally, and that led me on a path to deepen my connection with meditation, yoga, learning, and nature. 

As your senior instructor and studio manager, my goal and pleasure is to share the teachings and research-based practices I have learned over 800 hours of meditation and yoga teacher training certifications, leading countless meditation and yoga sessions, and supporting hundreds of people in their practice. Some of my teachers and influences include Hiroko Dimechelis, Pascal Auclair, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Michelle McDonald, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Robert Linscott.

My formal training includes:

+ 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training from Karma Teachers

+ 200-hr IMTA-approved Meditation Teacher Training from the Lab of Meditation

+150-hr Mindfulness Teacher Diploma from the Centre of Excellence

+ Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) from the University of Massachusetts

+ Power of Awareness Training under Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield through the Awareness Training Institute in Association with the Greater Good Science Centre at the University of California, Berkeley

+ Level 1 Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy

+ Trauma-Informed Yoga Core Training Level I & II through Yoga Outreach

Moreover, I want to share, to learn, and to grow a community that positively supports one another's mental, social-emotional, and physical health - because we are better for ourselves and others when we are kind and compassionate.

Are you ready to let go of self-limiting beliefs and doubts, and say hello to your most courageously kind conscious life? Then click on one of the buttons below to get in touch. 


Sophia De Mello, Guest Mindfulness Meditation Guide


Sophia completed her meditation teacher training through the Lab of Meditation and also holds a diploma in Mindfulness Teaching from the Center of Excellence.

Sophia has participated in

the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program through the

University of Massachusetts Memorial Health Care and is undertaking

a program to become certified as a Creation Coach. She currently

guides meditations for groups in her community.

"Meditation and mindfulness for me have been the doorway into living a

more conscious, present, intentional, balanced and compassionate life.

The practice opens my mind and my heart and allows me to connect

more deeply with both myself and the people in my life.

Taking walks in the forest with my dog, Lexie, devouring books on

topics related to the mind and body connection, photography and time

spent with my family are some of the things which bring me joy."


Joanna Kipp, Guest Mindfulness Meditation Guide 


Joanna is a T-LOM (The Lab of Meditation) certified teacher and the founder of Grace Mindfulness. She believes that mindfulness can change the world by giving us solutions to the complex environmental and social issues we face. 

A former corporate sustainability consultant and climate change advisor, Joanna became curious about mindfulness in 2013 and has been practicing and learning since. What started as a way to de-stress and increase personal productivity has evolved into a practice of self-care and compassion, a deep sense of empathy for others, and the ability to strip away what we think we need to be happy and successful and focus on what truly matters: being present. Experiencing joy. Feeling gratitude. Offering kindness, respect and empathy to others and our natural environment. Experiencing our thoughts and feelings without being swept away by them. 

One of Joanna's mindfulness teachers is her dog Penny, a rescue from rural Alabama. Penny is always in the present moment, whether she’s taking 30 seconds to sniff a single blade of grass, fully immersed in eating a meal (her favourite activity), or stalking a neighbourhood chipmunk while out on a walk. 

Joanna lives in Ottawa and loves to cross-country ski, go on forest hikes and cook and eat delicious foods. 


Taylor Stilin, Mindful Page Turners Book Club Co-host


Hi friends! My name is Taylor and my pronouns are she/her. I discovered meditation in a time of necessity to help me cope with my chronic battle with mental health. It slowly transformed from a practice of trying to “fix” my problems and create change to a practice of acceptance of the present moment. The practice inspired me to complete my 200hr meditation teacher training with the Lab of Meditation. I am looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt in the course as well as from my personal experience to hold space for others.

I have also been a member of Mindfully Being Well since March and am so grateful for the wellness Brit has brought into my life. I look forward to being a part of this book club where I hope together Brit and I can bring more wellness, mindfulness, and acceptance into your life.