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Workplace wellness

Mindfulness, movement, and mental health at work

We all do our best work when we feel our best.

Research shows that mindful practices in the workplace help to reduce stress, improve concentration, and attention while improving emotional intelligence and team communication. (Don't believe us? Check out this article by Harvard Business Review.) Not only will your employees feel better, work better together, but they will also be more productive at work. Talk about a win-win-win!

Whether you are looking for a great team-building activity, content for a wellness fair, lunch & learn, or a virtual weekly company class, let us help you increase your employee wellbeing and engagement through mindfulness, yoga, and mental health habits.

Now more than ever with more employees working from home due to COVID-19 and remote opportunities physical, emotional, and social wellbeing and work-life balance are so important. Let's set up a time to chat more about how mindfully being well can help you support your team's wellness and wellbeing today! 

Our current and past partners include the City of Vancouver, Fluor, Gathering Place, Jalapeño Employee Engagement, KPMG, Peak Wellness, The Lab of Meditation, Ritchie Bros., Stillness Lab, and What the Zen Podcast.

What our partners are saying

"This is a must to have for all individuals and teams! My team and I had a meditation session with Brittney, and the result was phenomenal! Everyone was more relaxed, in control and mindful after the session! The team even suggested to have the meditation practice on regular basis!! highly recommended."
~Samin S., Founder & CEO (Jalapeño Employee Engagement)

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